eFun Nextbook Premium 7 SE (Next7P12)

7” TFT Capacitive Display, 800×480 Resolution
Operating System
Google Android OS 4.0
Front Facing Camera 0.3MP
WIFI 802.11 b/g/n
Based on Cortex-A8, 1GHz CPU 
Built-in 4GB Memory Storage, upto 32GB with Micro SD card (not included)
Micro USB2.0, Micro SD, 3.5mm Audio Jack
7.99in X 6.02in X 0.44in (203mm X 153mm X 11.2mm)
Built-in Rechargeable LI-Polymer Battery, Provides about 4 hours when browsing web or watching videos
Flash 11
Nextbook USA has recently jumped into the tablet market with a string of some well priced budget tablets. Each one being well under 200 dollars, the nextbook tablets are an available option for anyone with a tight budget. The NextBook Premium 7 SE, priced a little over a hundred dollars which is a fraction of the cost of some other tablets available on the market, make it seem like a good choice. However, how many corners can be cut before the product itself start to suffer in performance and functionality.

With a small single core 1GHz processor and only 512MB of RAM, the tablet is lacking some substantial power that the other competing tablets boast. Because of this, The OS along with games, like Angry Birds, and apps become laggy and unresponsive. Whether the finicky wifi signal that cuts out randomly is due to faulty design or a poor wireless card is anyone's guess. The small 7” screen can be accommodating, as shown in the samsung 7”, however with only a 800×480 pixel resolution the screen leaves something to be desired. The saving grace of the small tablet is the microSD card slot increasing the capacity from 4GB to 36GB.
Along with subpar parts, the Nextbook Premium 7 also comes with some questionable design. A separate power cord is required to charge the Nextbook (along with charging taking up to 5 hours and only yielding 4 hours of play time) instead of the normal micro USB, the nextbook becomes a hassle to keep charged. These design flaws along with poor technical specs make the tablet limited in both performance and ease of use.
At only 100 bucks it is hard to go wrong buying the Nextbook Premium 7.  As a single task device it would be a fine choice. If you remember to bring the special charger and keep it juiced up it would function well for taking notes in a class or meeting and would do great as a stationary music player with an extra microSD card. However, if a multitasking multimedia tablet is what you looking for, you might want want spring for a better equipped more expensive tablet. 
Todd’s Comments
  • I don’t like having to tote around an extra power cord for charging.  Not sure why devices these days would not use micro USB.
  • Screen does not seem responsive at time but this is due to the processor.
  • Performance is poor for anything other than simple tasks.
  • Wi-Fi cuts in and out even when the device is stationary.
  • Price is right for an eReader or music player.
Che’s Comments
  • Battery life not long enough for a day of searching or listening
  • Any game or media makes tablet start to lag
  • A cheap tablet for a small note taker
  • MicroSD slot makes transporting media easy
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  1. Ty says:

    We got one for a 6 year old, Thinking “Doesn’t have to be great for a six year old to find it amazing”. The top 1/3 of the touch screen was unresponsive.

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